The Blogger Diaries #2


I’ve been in a weird mood lately and feeling so blah about everything. I think I need a vacation. I think I need to get out of my routine and get a change of scenery. We are taking the kids to Sesame Street Place in Pennsylvania soon, so at least I have life-sized Elmo and Big Bird accosting me to look forward to. Otherwise, I’m reading like crazy and it’s been helpful for making me forget all of the above.

1. Madame Bovary (2000) – Now that the read-along is over, I decided to watch the BBC Series starring Frances O’Connor and Hugh Bonneville so I can write a post for Katie @ Doing Dewey’s Books to Movies Challenge that I signed up for a million years ago. Since I found it on (God bless) YouTube, I’ve been watching the series in 9 minute clips which totally works when you just want to squeeze it in here and there.

2. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens – It’s quite possible my current mood can explain what a downer I’ve been about the book. But I’m at the last few chapters and pretty sure I won’t change my mind about it. However, it’s been comforting to know that others in the read-along feel the same way. One blogger even DNF’d the book!

3. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy – I put this on hold to concentrate on the above classics, but I will pick it up again after #1Tale2Cities and make it my only classic until the darn thing is read and done. Even if it takes me all year! (Um, I hope not).

4. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green – I initially ordered this book for a book club meeting I ended up bailing on. Everyone seems to have either read it or is reading it now for the movie. I finished the book, but will wait until I see the movie to write the review. I liked it, but I didn’t cry and it didn’t blow me away.

5. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield – Slowly making my way through this book because without any plot or tension, I can’t read much more than a chapter at a time.

6. The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson – Half-way through and I’m enjoying the story, although sometimes I feel like it’s a little too cute and quirky. I haven’t read The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window and Disappeared, so this is my first experience with Jonasson.

7. Delicious by Ruth Reichel and Girls of Ridyadh by Rajaa Alsanea – Next up in the reading queue. I didn’t pay attention to my stats last year, but following the #ReadWomen2014 and #WeNeedDiverseBooks hash tags, I think I should think harder about the books I’m choosing for the rest of the year.

8. Armchair BEA – I will be participating in the conference all week starting Monday, May 26th. I’m also working on a post for the Armchair BEA International Committee and it will highlight book adaptations that were filmed in all of the provinces and territories of Canada.

9. Summer of the Canadian Short Story – I can’t resist signing up for stuff, so this is my newest reading challenge hosted by Tania at Write Reads. I think I will start with Alice Munro since she’s so big and I haven’t read any of her work. Any other suggestions?

10. Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip by Herman Parish – Some of the books I read with my kids are fantastic, but others are just awful and of course, my kids always love the most annoying ones. This Amelia book is the fave right now and I haven’t been able to hold back my feelings whenever we read it (sooo grumpy!). “It’s a badly written book, the jokes are terrible, Amelia is weird,” I keep telling my kids. They just ignore me.


Sure Mr. Dinkins, go have a nap while I run the whole farm and manage this bunch of kids. Grrr, rubs me the wrong way every time.

So now I’m off to read more Dickens. What’s new with you? What are you reading or planning to read? Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my mood lately. Guess I just need a big hug from Elmo.


5 Comments on “The Blogger Diaries #2”

  1. Riv says:

    And I thought I’m good at juggling books… I should re-read Madame Bovary but I remember quite liking it, Emma intrigued me quite a bit in tender age of 18 or what was I back then. I tried reading A Tale of Two Cities last year, but had to put it down, something just didn’t click… So many say it’s their favourite Dickens so that was a bit disheartening. I didn’t like The Fault in Our Stars particularly, it could have been okay but I found the main characters to be very unbelievable (maybe it’s just me ofc but I could not connect these people to any teenagers I knew and know, but maybe we were just a rarely unintelligent bunch 🙂 ) and thus I never really got into the story.

    I hope you will feel better after the trip, change of scenery is sure good once in a while 🙂

  2. writereads says:

    I understand the blahs and hope the Elmo hugs will fix all problems. Maybe just stop reading Amelia Bedelia and life will improve? 🙂
    I can’t believe you didn’t bawl over The Fault in Our Stars. While I don’t know if the book is my favourite Green book, I was certainly snotting and weeping my way through it.
    Sounds like you are reading a lot! Awesome to have you join the Summer of the Canadian Short Story – thanks for fitting that into your busy schedule! I think Munro is a good place to start. -Tania

  3. Cedar Station says:

    I’ve been in kind of a funk lately too, especially when it comes to blogging. I hope Sesame Street puts you right again. 🙂

    I’m with you on The Fault in our Stars — I liked it, but I didn’t really see what was so extraordinary about it and I also didn’t cry. I did, however, really like A Tale of Two Cities the first time I read it! The ending is pretty fantastic, if that helps you hold out a bit longer.

  4. Naomi says:

    Maybe A Tale of Two Cities is what put you into your slump in the first place, and as soon as you’re done, you’ll feel better! Otherwise, I hope Sesame Street does it. Give Cookie Monster a cookie for me- he’s my favourite!

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the Madame Bovary movie. And the Armchair BEA sounds fun, even though I have no idea what it is. I am going to look it up as soon as I am done catching up a bit on the weekend posts. We just got back from a quick camping trip.

    I’ve joined up for the Canadian short stories, as well. I’ve been wanting to read more of them, so this is the perfect opportunity. I can surely manage to fit in one, anyway, right? Alice Munro sounds like a good place to start. I am tying to decide between M. Atwood and Vincent Lam.

  5. Cecilia says:

    Oh, I am so with you. I have been in a slump for the last few weeks. Unfortunately for me it also means I am having a very, very hard time reading. I think I’m just burnt out from various things. Is that the case with you too?

    I felt the same way as you about The Fault in Our Stars. Enjoyed it enough but was not blown away.

    I hope you feel better! And I think it’s great you are reading Amelia Bedelia with your kids even though it’s driving you crazy 😉

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