Welcome Friends!


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Hi there, it’s C.J.! You may know me from ebookclassics where I blog about my 100 classic book challenge. “Why another blog?,” you may ask. It’s simple. I love the classics, but I want to make contemporary fiction a bigger part of my reading life going forward. Posting reviews of contemporary books on ebookclassics doesn’t feel right. I tried it with Me Before You and it was weird. I foresee the blog becoming cluttered and confusing if I keep going in that direction. I wanted a clean, fresh space for all the other great books I’m going to read.

Do you like the blog name? It’s a little homage to my dear husband who, although a reader himself, likes to poke fun at me and my bookish ways. This is also how I respond to my kids (minus the exclamation) when they see me with a book and I ask what I’m doing. Ultimately, I also wanted a name that was fun and a bit cheeky.

You can still find me on Twitter at @ebookclassics.

Thanks for visiting and please follow this blog and ebookclassics for all my reviews. Happy reading!


4 Comments on “Welcome Friends!”

  1. Ekaterina says:

    A very cute new name! I’m following now! Good luck with this new blog, may it become a comfortable place for you!

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